Interior or exterior traditional residential design by Jim O’Brien Architecture & Interiors shows our necessary flexibility, enabling us to work exceptionally well within a countless array of historical styles. From working with pure classicism, to transitional design, to those informal yet traditional country styles, Jim O’Brien is our lead architect and interior designer. He holds a PhD in the History, Theory and Criticism of Art and Architecture – a requisite education in the classics – and he deploys his superb taste and deep technical knowledge without the ego that accompanies many of his peers. In fact, nearly everyone we meet finds Jim likeable (jokingly we say he is “user friendly”.) Most clients never encounter a better and more detail oriented architect or interior designer. At Jim O’Brien Architecture & Interiors then, our strengths are our ability to listen as well as to lead, our collective imagination, our sense of balance and proportion about all things spatial, our timely execution of creative alternatives, and our regimented construction contractor- and project schedule-management.

Strong insights and design skills
Jim O’Brien Architecture & Interiors offers strong insights and design skills for estates, vacation homes and country houses, as well as urban flats and townhouses. We have an exceptional understanding of family dynamics during the entire design and build process, which can be a trying experience without likeable professionals like Jim O’Brien Architecture & Interiors at your side.
Greatest care and first-rate execution
The great project for you – the client – comes from a designer who truly picks up just from listening where you are in life, how you live now, and how you want to live in the future. Jim as an architect and designer partners with you to deliver to your needs for formal or informal living; for traditionally austere or very decorative design and detail; for spaces that openly flow from one to the next; or spaces intentionally separated and distinct from one another – each of these choices, as you like, as you need them to be. Because the aforementioned are not exclusively of only one or another style. Since there is flexibility within the various architectural styles, what matters, simply, is that it is done right each time, with the greatest of care and first-rate execution – for the right client, at the right time, at the right place in your life.
Certified Nationally through NCARB
Jim O’Brien Architecture & Interiors is licensed in several states, while at the same time certified nationally (through NCARB) for additional licensing in all 50 States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and elsewhere. In this manner we are comfortable researching and designing locally, where you are, and managing local architects and builders abroad to execute vacation homes in any US & International location. Jim O’Brien Architecture & Interiors is well-practiced in the art of building and the business of construction management. In both the Greater Los Angeles and the New York-New Jersey metropolitan areas we have the resource of trusted builders of high-end traditional homes available to consult with us and develop budget pricing for your project. Collectively Jim O’Brien Architecture & Interiors has an encyclopedic knowledge of building procedures and practices, a phenomenal rolodex of builders, suppliers and vendors in the US and abroad, and we have a deep history of supporting our clients from generation, to generation, to generation to come.
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